About Us



Rainbow 66 Storehouse, Inc. was established in 1999 for the sole purpose of being an agency of refuge to anyone needing supportive services offered by this agency and our community. Our objective is to build, maintain, and influence the lives of individuals that need support to enhance their quality of life.

Our staff, with enjoyment, captures winning responsibilities and duties as required by our stake holders, legal and regulating bodies to help us achieve excellence. We will model a superior service in our community, the United States in which we reside, and eventually the world.


“10” years later, Rainbow 66 Storehouse is continuously improving to advance our overall objective, “the pursuit of quality care everywhere, every time, with everyone.” Rainbow 66 Storehouse leadership has adopted policies adhering to ethical business practices to broaden the confidence of those we serve and work with. It is our purpose to respect the diversity of our stakeholders as we serve the community joyfully.



In HIS care

Board of Directors


Latonya McLean: Board President

Tony Smith: Treasurer

Barbara McInnis: Secretary

Darwin Williams



Kimmie C. Johnson


American Red Cross & Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI) Instructor

Mitchell Johnson


Office Manager

Kathy Clark


Administrative Assistant

Leslie Craddock (Laurinburg)
Robin Fipps (Durham)


Director of Durham Services

Malcom Craven


Regional Mental Health coordinator/Senior Auditor

Edna Carlisle


Laurinburg Clinical Services Supervisor, RN

Ellen Clewis


Durham Community Supervisor

Shirley Young


Senior Qualified Professional

Katori Campbell


Qualified Professional/Job Development Coordinator

Gina Hill


Regional Homecare / Billing Coordinator

Dorothy Welch


Durham Service Supervisor, RN

Sandra Dawson


Durham Marketing Coordinator

Caroline Escobar


Rainbow 66 Team

All Of Our WONDERFUL Direct Care Staff Team Members


For more information e-mail: info@rainbow66storehouse.com